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How do you concatenate two differently named columns together in pandas?

I'd like to create a new dataframe where A and B or kept but column B is renamed and column A and C get repeated underneath it but C's value's being placed into the renamed column C (D).

df = A B C
'bob' 1 4
'john' 2 5
'mick' 3 6

This is what the new dataframe should look like.

new_df = A D
'bob' 1
'john' 2
'mick' 3
'bob' 4
'john' 5
'mick' 6

Answer Source


Use lreshape to convert from wide to long formatted DF:

pd.lreshape(df, {'D': ['B', 'C']})



If you want to perform concatenation, then do:

df = df.set_index(['A'])
pd.concat([df['B'], df['C']]).reset_index(name='D')


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