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Visual Studio 2015 update 2 - Git is showing me in changes all the bin\debug and obj\debug folder/files , why would it be ignoring the gitignore

I had created a new project on a computer with vs 2015 update 2, I commit and sync to visual studio TFS free online repository. Then I had pulled down a clone onto another computer, and after a few days of creating new files etc... I did a rebuild, builds fine, then I go to Team Explorer --> Changes

I'm seeing in Changes, that there are 138 ... of which .txt, .dll , .cache, .pdb etc..
Of course I "could" simply not "stage" those , but why would visual studio 2015 (upate 2) even be showing me these files. ( I recall other projects with git / visual studio in which it simply does not show



What happened? Why is it doing/showing this?

(gitignore issue?)

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You are going to have to hammer on it from the command line.

I have not gotten results with the simple delete of .git\ ms-persist.xml That file gets re-created..

  1. zip of your project to be sure to not lose any of your files / work on your remote ...



git status   ( i would do this frequently for peace of mind

Keep your 1 or more .gitignore file in the project folder(s)

git commit -m "all your files"   (save your code)

git rm -r --cached .     (remove any changed files from index (stage) 

git add .   ( add all files  which will remove .dll etc..

git commit -m "now your gitignore will work..." 
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