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AuthorizationException when calling Transaction.SubmitForPartialSettlement

When trying to submit a Transaction for a Partial Settlement, I'm getting the following exception + message:

Exception of type 'Braintree.Exceptions.AuthorizationException' was thrown.

There is nothing else to explain where I've gone wrong.

This is how I'm making the API call:

BraintreeHandler.Gateway.Transaction.SubmitForPartialSettlement(“transaction_id”, amount);

I know the Transaction Id is correct, because I'm loading the Transaction information beforehand. I'm also always using an amount less than the transaction total.

BraintreeHandler.Gateway.Transaction.SubmitForSettlement(“transaction_id”, amount);

The above works fine with an amount, but I don't want to submit the Transaction for settlement as I'd like to retain the ability to partially settle.

For example: If I have a Transaction Amount of £50 with a status of "Authorized", I'd like to be able to settle for £20, £20 and £10 on three separate occasions. With the
method I can only settle for the initial £20 before the status is updated to "Submitted for Settlement". After this I can't perform any more partial settlements.

Information pertaining to the
method is conspicuously missing from the Transaction docs on the Braintree developer site. Has the method been deprecated? If not, how can I make use of it?

Answer Source

Full disclosure: I work at Braintree. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact support.

SubmitForPartialSettlement is a feature currently being tested and is not available to all merchants at this time. If you would like to request multiple partial settlements to be enabled for your account, please reach out to Braintree support or your account manager.

For the time being, you have the correct solution in SubmitForSettlement, passing in an amount less than or equal to the transaction amount. You will only be able to settle once.

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