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How to get value of SelectedValue in ComboBox filled with Dictionary

We have dictionary like this:

var dictionary = new Dictionary<int, int> { { 0, 100 }, { 1, 202 }, { 2, 309 }, };

and so on a lot of values. dictionary binded to comboBox like this:

comboBox1.ItemsSource = dictionary;
comboBox1.DisplayMemberPath = "Value";

I'm wonder how can I get selectedvalue of this comboBox, if comboBox.Text works only for manually inputted values and this code:

string value = comboBox1.SelectedValue.ToString();

return value like [1, 202], while I need clear int TValue "202". I'm unable to find similar question so I ask it there and hope that the answer may be useful for someone else.

Answer Source

Looks like you have to cast SelectedValue into KeyValuePair<int, int>:

string value = ((KeyValuePair<int, int>)comboBox1.SelectedValue).Value.ToString();

However, you should put a brakepoint there and check what type SelectedValue really is.

I assume it's KeyValuePair<int, int> because your source collection is Dictionary<int, int> and because of output string for SelectedValue.ToString() which is [1, 202].

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