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Rails 3 and Heroku: automatically "rake db:migrate" on push?

I have a slight annoyance with my heroku push/deploy process, which otherwise has been a joy to discover and use.

If i add a new migration to my app, the only way i can get it up onto the heroku server is to do a push to the heroku remote. This uploads it and restarts the app. But it doesn't run the migration, so i have to do

heroku rake db:migrate --app myapp
, then
heroku restart --app myapp
. In the meantime, the app is broken because it hasn't run the migrations and the code is referring to fields/tables etc in the migration.

There must be a way to change the deployment process to run the
rake db:migrate
automatically as part of the deploy process but i can't work it out.

Is it something i set in a heroku cpanel? Is it an option i pass to heroku from the command line? Is it a git hook? Can anyone set me straight? thanks, max

Answer Source

Here is a rake task that wraps up everything into a one-liner (and also supports rollback):

You still might wind up deploying on top of your boss's demo, but at least you don't waste time typing between the git push and the rake db:migrate.

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