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Calculating the perimeter of my object given another class in Python

I was wondering how I can calculate the perimeter of my object called 'Rectangle' if I do not have the x-coordinates and y-coordinates saved in the Rectangle class.

class Point:

def __init__(self, xcoord=0, ycoord=0):
self.x = xcoord
self.y = ycoord

def setx(self, xcoord):
self.x = xcoord

def sety(self, ycoord):
self.y = ycoord

def get(self):
return (self.x, self.y)

def move(self, dx, dy):
self.x += dx
self.y += dy

class Rectangle:

def __init__(self, bottom_left, top_right, colour):
self.bottom_left = bottom_left
self.top_right = top_right
self.colour = colour

def get_colour(self):
return self.colour

def get_bottom_left(self):
return self.bottom_left

def get_top_right(self):
return self.top_right

def reset_colour(self, colour):
self.colour = colour

def move(self,dx,dy):

def get_perimeter(self):

I am calling the function in python shell in the following format


Answer Source

That's more basic geometry than Python.

Since you only provide bottom left and top right points I'm assuming that the rectangle has sides parallel to x/y axis. In that case:

def get_perimeter(self):
    return 2*(abs(self.top_right.x-self.bottom_left.x)+abs(self.bottom_left.y-self.top_right.y))

I've put the abs function for good measure because left & right, top & bottom doesn't presuppose of the orientation of the coordinate system.

Note: you have x and y of the 2 defining points "saved" (accessible) in your Rectangle class, not directly as a direct member, but as a member of a member.

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