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Java Question

Bounds of an ImageButton

I have a button (reloadButton) which is an


I want to
to it but the problem is its
are rounded images and I don't want to make the bounds rectangle as this button can be touched

How can I
to this button ?

Here is my code

TextureRegion buttonUp = Assets.getTextureRegion(Assets.getTextureAtlas(Assets.reloadButton), "up");

TextureRegion buttonDown = Assets.getTextureRegion(Assets.getTextureAtlas(Assets.reloadButton), "down");

ImageButton.ImageButtonStyle buttonStyle = new ImageButton.ImageButtonStyle();

buttonStyle.imageUp = new TextureRegionDrawable(buttonUp);

buttonStyle.imageDown = new TextureRegionDrawable(buttonDown);

reloadButton = new ImageButton(buttonStyle);

// reloadButton.addListener()

Answer Source

Actor bounds are always a rectangle. If you want to test a different shape, override the hit method of your Actor. For example, for a rounded rectangle, subclass ImageButton and do this (where rad is the corner radius):

public Actor hit (float x, float y, boolean touchable) {
    Actor hit = super.hit(x, y, touchable); //is in rectangle

    if (hit != null){ //reject corners if necessary
        boolean keep = true;
        if (x < rad){
            if (y < rad) keep = inCircle(x, y, rad, rad, rad);
            else if (y > getHeight() - rad) keep = inCircle(x, y, rad, getHeight() - rad, rad);
        } else if (x > getWidth() - rad){
            if (y < rad) keep = inCircle(x, y, getWidth() - rad, rad, rad);
            else if (y > getHeight() - rad) keep = inCircle(x, y, getWidth() - rad, getHeight() - rad, rad);
        if (!keep) hit = null;
    return hit;

private boolean inCircle(float x, float y, float centerX, float centerY, float radius) {
    float dx = x - centerX;
    float dy = y - centerY;
    return dx * dx + dy * dy <= radius * radius;
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