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SWIFT: Controlling a view on another users device

This is a simple question on a (probably) complicated topic.

I'm in the process of trying to build an app in which multiple users are invited into a session by a single user.

If they accept, I would like the session admin/host's device to control the views on the devices of all the users in that session.

I have searched high and low, Google, StackOverflow, Treehouse etc. but whenever I suggest multiple users or type the question as I have here I get responses that demonstrate how to make an app capable of supporting multiple users on one device, or similar.

The question is simply: is what I want to do possible? Is it safe? Does anyone have a resource that would get me started in learning about how to code this scenario.

Thanks in advance,

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Easy as pie - you use PubNub for exactly that.

demo similar to your problem:

(That demo is in-browser, but it's equally easy to do inside an app - assuming you're an experienced app developer of course.)

more demos:

I can tell you're new at mobile development. Do understand that:

A) in general programming is the most difficult mental task which has so far appeared on the planet. programming mobiles in particular has a lot of fussy knowledge needed as well as broad general excellent progamming skills.

B) we really live in the "age of BAAS" - "platforms" such as PubNub, FireBase, Parse, Realm, Couchbase and so on. (These days you can't really be an "app programmer" .... you can't get a job like "programming an iPhone". You get a job doing Firebase development, happening to be on iPhone - you know?)

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