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how to get the spesific word from different string in php

for getting spesific word that i will use it for search term.

if i have a random word like :

$str="297819 - 123C, WHITLEY ROAD";

that $str is got from adrress which is got from autocomplete jQuery, every address is defined into 2 part. first
are "code", and
is the "address".

i know hot to get the "code" with this following code :

$b = substr($str,0,strpos($str,"-")-1)

it will be return the "code" only.

guys can you help me how to get the address?

p.s every code and address will be disperated by

Answer Source

Code and address separate by - so you can split it Using explode() as

$str="297819 - 123C, WHITLEY ROAD";
$data=explode("-",trim($str));// split string with -
echo $code=trim($data[0]);// get code 
echo $address=trim($data[1]);// get address

And use trim() to remove unnecessary space

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