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Translating a flipdim code from matlab to python

I have encountered the following function in a Matlab code set

function X=flipall(X)
for i=1:ndims(X)
X = flipdim(X,i);

Where X has dimensions (M,N,P ) = (24,24,100)

How can I redo this in Python? Given that I need a numpy array

Answer Source

The equivalent to flipdim in MATLAB is flip in numpy. Be advised that this is only available in version 1.12.0.

Therefore, it's simply:

import numpy as np

def flipall(X):
    for i in range(X.ndim):
        X = np.flip(X, i)

Be advised that this will mutate the numpy array so there's no need to return anything. As such, you'd simply call it like so:


However, if you know a priori that you have only three dimensions, you can hard code the operation by simply doing:

def flipall(X):
    X = X[::-1,::-1,::-1]

This flips each dimension one right after the other.

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