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CSS Question

Float right on inline block makes element partially disappear

the button are wrapped in a inline-block, but I want to make it align to right. when I do float: right, part of it disappeared

<div class="card answer" id="answer4" href="#answer4">
<div class="btn-text-inline">
React Generated HTML


.btn-text-inline {display: inline-block;}

before adding float:right

enter image description here

after float:right

enter image description here

Answer Source

I would advice to add a custom background-color css property to every single element on your website to actually be able to see how much space does each of the elements take. Maybe the buttons are hidden behind another element. In this case, probably behind 'add comment' element

If you know how to use developer tools in your browser, you can achieve the same by opening developer tools and hovering over the elements of interest.

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