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Database fetchrow_array failed long truncated DBI attribute

i am pulling urls from my database with a perl script where i employ fetchrow_array to pull URL from the database which worked fine until i encountered a very long URL

then it started to give me this error.

DBD::ODBC::st fetchrow_array failed: st_fetch/SQLFetch (long truncated DBI attribute LongTruncOk not set and/or LongReadLen too small) (SQL-HY000) [state was HY000 now 01004]
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]String data, right truncation (SQL-01004) at C:\test\ line 44.

I believe this is on the database side as the code i have been using to pull URL has worked before. The database that i am using is MSSQL server 2005.

the URL column in the database uses text type currently, but i have tried changing it to varchar(max) and nvarchar(max) but the error still stands.

After a bit of trial and error i found that the maximum length of the url then i could query successfully with fetchrow_array was 81 characters. And since URLs can span ridiculous lengths sometimes, i cannot put a restriction on URL length.

Can anybody help me understand and suggest a fix for this?

FYI: line 44 is the first line in my code below

while (($myid,$url) = $statement_handle->fetchrow_array()) { # executes as many threads as there are jobs to do
my $thread = threads->create(\&webcrawl); #initiate thread
my $tid = $thread->tid;
print " - Thread $tid started\n"; #obtain thread no. and print
push (@Threads, $thread); #push thread into array for "housekeeping" later on

Answer Source

Please look at the DBI attributes LongTruncOk and LongReadlen

You will NEED to either accept truncation or set a max size as text and varchar(max) columns can be massive so if it was left to the DBD it would have no choice but to allocate massive amounts of memory in case the column is the max size of that column.

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