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Is there anyway to ungroup data in a grouped-by pandas dataframe?

I have a dataset that for simplicity I need to group by and aggregate based on one column so that I can remove some rows easily. Once I am done with the calculations, I need to reverse the group by actions so that I can see the dataframe easily in excel. If I do not inverse the action, I would export the whole list to excel which is not easy to analyse. Any help is gretaly appreciated.


Col1 Col2 Col3
123 11 Yes
123 22 Yes
256 33 Yes
256 33 No
337 00 No
337 44 No

After applying groupby and aggregate:

X=dataset.groupby('Col1').agg(lambda x:set(x)).reset_index()

I get

Col1 Col2 Col3
123 {11,22} {Yes}
256 {33} {Yes, No}
337 {00,44} {No}

I then remove all the columns that contain Yes using drop


what I need to get before exporting to excel is

Col1 Col2 Col3
337 00 No
337 44 No

Hope this is clear enough

Thaks in advance

Answer Source

I don't believe converting to a set is a good idea. Here's an alternative: First sort in descending order by Col3, then create a mapping of Col2 : Yes/No and filter based on that.

In [1191]: df = df.sort_values('Col3', ascending=True)

In [1192]: mapping = dict(df[['Col2', 'Col3']].values)

In [1193]: df[df.Col2.replace(mapping) == 'No'] # or
   Col1  Col2 Col3
4   337     0   No
5   337    44   No
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