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Unable to install MongoDB PHP driver on XAMPP Windows

I am using Windows OS (64-bit) and running XAMPP(PHP 5.4.7). I tried installing the PHP MongoDB Driver but it is not reflecting on the phpinfo() page.

I followed the same steps as listed:

  1. I downloaded (latest one) from

  2. I extracted the folder and copied the
    file and pasted in
    My PHP extension build says API20100525,TS,VC9

  3. I opened php.ini file and i inserted
    at the last line.

I then looked at the
page as well as I tried the

echo extension_loaded("mongo") ? "loaded\n" : "not loaded\n";

It says it is not loaded.

Answer Source

Try removing the ; from the beginning of ;extension=php_mongo-1.3.1-5.4-vc9.dll in your php.ini

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