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REST client that does not need installation

We have a locked down customer environment in which we do not have rights to install anything. In this environment, I need to call some REST services in order to troubleshoot them.

In my local development environment, I normally use Postman (Chrome plugin) or Advanced REST client. However, since the customer environment is locked down, I can't install Chrome (they have IE 11) or Adv. REST client.

Is there any REST client that I can just copy and use, without the need for installation?

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I am under the same constraints. To test a RESTful API, I installed a portable Chrome version(doesn't require admin permission) in which I installed postman.

You can find a portable chrome edition with a simple google search.

You can also install a portable firefox edition and install a plugin to simulate REST requests like HttpRequester here.

You can also use SOAP UI from here https://www.soapui.org/. Make sure to choose the open source version for a free edition. Also, when installing making sure to change the installation path to a folder you have permission to write in, for instance a folder in your Desktop. Here's the doc on how to use it: https://www.soapui.org/soapui-projects/soapui-projects.html

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