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How filter Scan of HBase by part of row key?

I have HBase table with row keys, which consist of text ID and timestamp, like next:


How can I filter Scan of HBase (in Scala or Java) to get results with some string ID and timestamp more than some value?


Answer Source

I resolve my problem by using to filters:
- PrefixFilter (I put to this filter first part of row key. In my case - string ID, for example "string_id1.")
- RowFilter (I put there two parametres: first - CompareOp.GREATER_OR_EQUAL, second - all my row key with necessary timestamp, for example "string_id1.1470913345000"

In result I get all cells with row key, which has necessary string_id if first part, and with timestamp more or equal than I put in filter in second part. It is exactly what I want.

Code snippet:

val s = new Scan()
val filterList = new FilterList()
filterList.addFilter(new PrefixFilter(Bytes.toBytes(prefixOfRowKey)))
filterList.addFilter(new RowFilter(CompareOp.GREATER_OR_EQUAL, new BinaryComparator(valueForBinaryFilter.getBytes())))
val scanner = table.getScanner(s)

Thanks to everyone who helped to find a solution.

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