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Git Question

Git push local master to remote specific branch

I did changes in my local branch. Then I checkout to my master branch and merge it with my local branch. Now I want to push the changes in the master branch to specific branch at the remote. Say, we are 5 Developers. Each one having their own branch at remote repo. If I modified something at my local repo, I should push my work on the branch which is named in my name.

How can I push that changes from my local repo master to my branch at
remote repo?

Once I pushed it to my branch at remote repo, I will inform my updation to my other team members.

How can they fetch and merge my updation located in my remote branch to their local master?

Answer Source

To push from your local master to a different remote branch, use:

git push origin master:branch

To have your friends pull this remote branch into their local master, they can use git pull as:

git checkout master
git pull origin branch
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