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Best URL structure for relation many-to-one

I'm using Spring Boot (generated by JHipster).

I have the following services:




all those with GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. But I need to implement one more specific service.

This services should return all the products inside the market
. But to do that, I was thinking to pass in the URL path this call:
, but I will have to make a select in the market table and then get the products (will be easier search in only one table by

I don't know if this URL is the best structure and also this kind of search. I know you can search of a specific field on the table the you do a filter, but I tested and I was not able to get a relation field.

Answer Source

I'd like to make a recommendation for how to structure your API, then provide a possible answer to your question.

Typically, RESTful APIs follow the plural-singular principle: given all markets (plural part), find market with id 5231422 (singular part). Reflect that in your URLs with /api/{plural-noun}/{singular-identifier}. So your API would end up looking more like this:

/api/products  (all products in the system)
/api/products/:productId  (a single product in the system)
/api/markets  (all markets in the system)
/api/markets/:marketId  (a single market in the system)

To answer your question, then: I recommend you use the "Russian stacking doll" URL design. It appears that your design suggests that a single Market can contain several products in it. Thus you might find this kind of URL a bit clearer: /api/markets/:marketId/products, which fetches all products within that market.

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