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AngularJS: How to make angular load script inside ng-include?

Hey I am building a web page with angular. The problem is that there are somethings already build without angular and I have to include them as well

The problem is this.

I have something like this in my main.html:

<ngInclude src="partial.html">

And my partial.html has something like this

<h2> heading 1 <h2>
<script type="text/javascript" src="static/js/partial.js">

And my partial.js has nothing to do with angularjs. nginclude works and I can see the html, but I can not see the javascript file being loaded at all. I know how to use firebug/ chrome-dev-tool, but I can not even see the network request being made. What am I doing wrong?

I knwo angular has some special meaning to script tag. Can I override it?

Answer Source

The accepted answer won't work from 1.2.0-rc1+ (Github issue).

Here's a quick fix created by endorama:

/*global angular */
(function (ng) {
  'use strict';

  var app = ng.module('ngLoadScript', []);

  app.directive('script', function() {
    return {
      restrict: 'E',
      scope: false,
      link: function(scope, elem, attr) {
        if (attr.type === 'text/javascript-lazy') {
          var code = elem.text();
          var f = new Function(code);


Simply add this file, load ngLoadScript module as application dependency and use type="text/javascript-lazy" as type for script you which to load lazily in partials:

<script type="text/javascript-lazy">
  console.log("It works!");
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