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ms access query joining two tables

I have two tables that need to be output into an un-editable form. I need the syntax for the query.

TableOne has fields id, customer_id, date, type_id.
TableTwo has fields type_id, type_name.

I have:

SELECT * FROM TableOne WHERE customer_id=someVariable

But it just outputs a number for type_id. I need it to print out the type_name associated with the type_id instead of printing out the number. How do I change the syntax of the SQL to get it to do this?

Answer Source


LEFT JOIN will give you all t1 even if you have no corresponding type_id in t2 INNER JOIN will only retrieve results where corresponding type_id exists in t1 and t2.

select t1.Id, t1.customer_id,, t2.type_name
FROM TableOne t1
LEFT JOIN TableTwo t2 on t1.type_id = t2.type_id;
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