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Javascript Question

lodash where function and getting nested array elements

I have the following type of array of objects, which I saved as image for you all so its easier to see:

enter image description here

Now what I want from this massive array is all the objects who's investments status is complete.

using the _.where, I tried to do (data being the giant array you see in the image):

var something = _.where(data, function(item){
return[0].statues === "complete"

But um nothing seems to happen ... What am I doing wrong? I want objects out of the array who's investments status is complete.


Answer Source

I'd try out the filter method:

Iterates over elements of collection, returning an array of all elements predicate returns truthy for.

var results = _.filter(data, function(item){
  return[0].status === "complete";

And as BG101 mentioned: you didn't reference the data property of the investments object, so you were off a level.

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