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Set axis limits for plot.PCA - strange behaviour (FactoMineR)

I want to plot the result of a PCA with the package factominer. When one plots a PCA it is good practice to resize the graph so that its H/L ratio is in proportion to the %variance explained by each axis.

So I tried first to resize the graph simply by stretching the window: it obviously fails and keep the points in the middle instead of stretching them too.

out <- PCA(mtcars)

enter image description here

Then I try to force the
arguments to be fixed (

plot.PCA(out, choix="ind", xlim=c(-6,6), ylim=c(-4, 4))

enter image description here

Same problem, the xlim limits are not respected...

Can someone explain this behaviour and knows how to fix it?

Answer Source

What you're seeing is the result of the call to plot inside plot.PCA:

plot(0, 0, main = titre, xlab = lab.x, ylab = lab.y, 
     xlim = xlim, ylim = ylim, col = "white", asp = 1, ...)

plot is called with parameter asp set to 1, which guarantees that the y/x ratio stays the same, so when you try to resize the window, the xlim are recomputed.

In plot.window you can find the "meaning" of asp:

If asp is a finite positive value then the window is set up so that one data unit in the x direction is equal in length to asp * one data unit in the y direction.

You can try

plot(0, 0, main = "", xlab = "", ylab = "", xlim = c(-6, 6), ylim = c(-4, 4), col = "white", asp = 1)

and resizing the window, and then the same with

plot(0, 0, main = "", xlab = "", ylab = "", xlim = c(-6, 6), ylim = c(-4, 4), col = "white")

to see the difference.

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