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Linux Question

PhpMyAdmin install errors

I've just installed phpmyadmin on Linux Fedora 13 with PHP 5.3.3. I get the following 2 errors:

First: I get this on the login screen:

Cannot load mcrypt extension. Please
check your PHP configuration.

-The solutions I googled for this one was to yum install mcrypt and enable it in /etc/php.ini with


Did all that, but no go.

This second one shows up when I login:

The mbstring PHP extension was not
found and you seem to be using a
multibyte charset. Without the
mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is
unable to split strings correctly and
it may result in unexpected results.

Wondering a) How can I fix these and b) What do they affect?


Answer Source

Look which resource file is being loaded by examining $_SERVER['PHPRC']. This value points to the directory where PHP looks for php.ini. I doubt that it's /etc.

Then install the right package, which is php-mcrypt.

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