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How to output json array in java?

Ok, for example, I got an array of data that look like this:

String[] data = {"cheese", "10.00", "bread", "3.99", "tomato", "4.99", ...};

Now I want to make it become the Json array of data, so it will be easier to process for the Client. So I want it look like this:


For that, I choose to use List and Hashmap to get what I want:

public String getOutput() {
List<Hashmap> list = null;
HashMap<String, String> map = new Hashmap<>();
string rawData = "";
BufferedInputStream in;

try {
// read text data from input stream
in = new BufferedInputStream(socket.getInputStream());
byte[] byteArr = new byte[1024];
int length;

// turn into string
while ((length = in.read(byteArr)) > 0)
rawData += new String(byteArr, 0, length);

String[] data = rawData.split(",");
int total = data.length;
int i = 0;

while(i < total) {
map.put("name", data[i]);
map.put("price", data[i+1]);
i += 2;
catch (Exception e) {
// exception process

return new Gson().toJson(list);

When I compile and execute it, it print only "null" on the Screen. Why? what do I miss?


@Sotirios I see why you get the NullPointerException but mine because the Original code is look like this, and my exception where catch-ed so I get just "null" on my screen.

And @sauumum, you got it right! I used the Eclipse Quick fix to fix the error of List when it ask for initialize at first time! It is really hard to see the
List<Hashmap> list = null;
is the source of problem because Eclipse's Quick fix is right at most of the time. And I thought it should be the
List<Hashmap> list = new List<>();
because class name need to be same usually, but yours won't get any error and works nicely than mine! that was weird.


It is only because you have List<Hashmap> list = null; . Initialize this with new ArrayList<>();

One more thing, are you sure that you are getting null on console and not NullPointerException as your code looks like?