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Python Question

Can the LibreOffice LightProof grammar library be used externally?

LibreOffice 3.5 includes a grammar checker, called (or maybe based on) LightProof. From what I have read, LightProof seems to be a Python library that can be used to check for custom grammar rules. But I can not for the life of me find a project page for LightProof.

The closest I got was, which seems to be the code for the LibreOffice extension, not LightProof itself.

So is LightProof actually a library that can be implemented in other applications, or is it just a code word for a LibreOffice feature?

Answer Source

It's not possible yet, but: "we will be able to make a stand-alone version of Lightproof/Grammalecte as it won’t be necessary to use Hunspell anymore" - see Olivier R.'s post to the LibreOffice mailing list.

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