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Fastest way to compare large strings in python

I have a dictionary of words with their frequencies as follows.

mydictionary = {'yummy tim tam':3, 'fresh milk':2, 'chocolates':5, 'biscuit pudding':3}

I have a set of strings as follows.

recipes_book = "For today's lesson we will show you how to make biscuit pudding using
yummy tim tam and fresh milk."

In the above string I have "biscuit pudding", "yummy tim tam" and "fresh milk" from the dictionary.

I am currently tokenizing the string to identify the words in the dictionary as follows.

words = recipes_book.split()
for word in words:
if word in mydictionary:
print("Match Found!")

However it only works for one word dictionary keys. Hence, I am interested in the fastest way (because my real recipes are very large texts) to identify the dictionary keys with more than one word. Please help me.

Answer Source

Build up your regex and compile it.

import re

mydictionary = {'yummy tim tam':3, 'fresh milk':2, 'chocolates':5, 'biscuit pudding':3}

searcher = re.compile(r'{}'.format("|".join(mydictionary.keys())), flags=re.I | re.S)

for match in searcher.findall(recipes_book):
    mydictionary[match] += 1

Output after this

{'yummy tim tam': 4, 'biscuit pudding': 4, 'chocolates': 5, 'fresh milk': 3}
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