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Difference between Yoeman generators for aspnet and aspnet-angular

When I install generators for Yeoman, I usually go like this.

npm install --global generator-aspnet

However, as I was playing with the embedded menu system of Yeoman, I noticed that it also lists other templates for aspnet. One of them is aspnet-angular. I went to the webpage of it but it was less than verbose so I learned almost nothing there.

What is the difference between the two generators: generator-aspnet and generator-aspnet-angular exactly? Is there really any difference (compared to going with the first one and adding Angular package manually by NPM)?

Answer Source

Nice thing on the open source stuff is you can see access the source code.

Following the GitHub repository in the linked NPM package, you can see in the generators/app/templates/Controller/AboutController.cs file following lines

using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;

Which tells us, it's a generator for the legacy ASP.NET MVC (up to MVC 5), because the System.Web.* namespaces have been completely removed from ASP.NET Core, since they had a tight coupling to IIS which would prevented ASP.NET Core to become portable and run w/o IIS.

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