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Parsing a list of strings followed by a list of strings with spirit x3

I am trying to parse a string into a struct using boost spirit x3:

struct identifier {
std::vector<std::string> namespaces;
std::vector<std::string> classes;
std::string identifier;


now I have a parser rule to match a strings like this:


my parser rule looks like this.

auto const nested_identifier_def =
-(id_string % "::")
>> -(id_string % ".")
>> id_string

parses combinations of
I know this rule doesnt work to parse as I want it, because while parsing
for example this part of the rule
-(id_string % ".")
consumes the whole string.
How can i change the rule to parse correctly in the struct?

Answer Source

Assuming your id_string is something like this:

auto const id_string = x3::rule<struct id_string_tag, std::string>{} =
            (x3::alpha | '_')
        >> *(x3::alnum | '_')

then I think this is what you're after:

auto const nested_identifier_def =
       *(id_string >> "::")
    >> *(id_string >> '.')
    >>  id_string;

Online Demo

The issue is that p % delimit is shorthand for p >> *(delimit >> p), i.e. it always consumes one p after the delimiter. However what you want is *(p >> delimit) so that no p is consumed after the delimiter and is instead left for the next rule.

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