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LaTeX Question

Does Gadfly support LaTeX in plot titles and labels?

I am interested in using Greek letters and math symbols in the title and labels for a Gadfly plot in Julia.

Does anyone know of a way to do this, or is this not supported (yet)?

Ben Ben

LaTeX strings (i.e. L"string") are not supported, but you can still use greek letters for labels. For example:

using Gadfly
plot(x=z, y=sin(z), Guide.YLabel("αβγ"))

These greek characters can be made in the Julia REPL or iJulia notebook by typing in the LaTeX command and pressing tab (so typing \alpha and pressing [TAB] makes α, etc.)

You can also get other math symbols this way. For example \sum [TAB] x\dot [TAB] \_j [TAB] \^2 [TAB] will get you ∑ẋⱼ²