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Java is not working in my PC

I had installed Java in my PC and it was working perfectly. Suddenly something went wrong and now I m not able to open swing applications and its showing the error 'Java not found'. But I can run the Eclipse IDE which also needed Java to run. So I decide to reinstall the Java, but when I tried to uninstall the Java it shows the Error 1723 - There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. So I have installed a new JDK in another location and set the PATH. Still I am not able to run the Swing application.

Can anybody help me on this?

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How are you running your swing application? If it's from the command line like java mySwingApp and you're getting java not found then your PATH isn't set properly. Make sure that the java/bin directory is on your PATH not just the top level directory. You can test your PATH by just typing java in a console window - it should print the java help page.

If you're not running from a terminal like above, then you may need to set a JAVA_HOME environment variable which points to your java installation folder. Here's a tutorial on setting JAVA_HOME Setting JAVA_HOME

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