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C++ operator overload template with different arguments

I'm discovering C++ and I would like to create a mini mathematic Matrix librairy using templates.

Here, I want to overload the operator*.

If i describe a matrix like this:

M(y, x)
the matrix name,
the height and the width, a matrix multiplication should look like that:

M(a, b) * N(b, c) = R(a, c)

Currently I have this code:

template<unsigned int y, unsigned int x>
class Matrix
Matrix() { }
~Matrix() { }

Matrix<y, x2>& operator*(const Matrix<y2, x2>& right)
// code...
std::array<std::array<double, x>, y> m_values;

So I would like to be able to multiply two differents matrix like that:

Matrix<3, 4> m;
Matrix<4, 2> n;

// fill the matrix with values

Matrix<3, 2> o = m * n;

I've searched but I didn't find the answer to this question (maybe because I don't really know what I must search exactly).

Thanks for your help :)

Answer Source

You need to make your operator* a template member function, something like so:

template <unsigned int y2, unsigned int x2>
Matrix<y, x2> operator*(const Matrix<y2, x2>& right)
    // code...  

Notice that the return type is no longer a reference, as operator* should return a new value -- if you like, you can define a complementary operator*= which modifies the LHS matrix in-place.

Another thing to notice is that matrix multiplication only makes sense if the dimensions of the matrices agree: that is, if the number of columns in the LHS matches the number of rows in the RHS. To enforce this, you could use a static_assert within your member function to make sure that the template parameters agree:

template <unsigned int y2, unsigned int x2>
Matrix<y, x2> operator*(const Matrix<y2, x2>& right)
    static_assert(y2 == x, "Matrix dimensions mismatched");
    // code...
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