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Swift 3.0 declaring URL

How can I declare a URL in swift 3.0?

This is my attempted code:

var messageURL: URL = URL()


var messageURL: Foundation.URL = URL()

This is the error: Cannot invoke initializer for type 'URL' with no arguments

Here's some documentation (Swift 3.0) from Apple that I'm having trouble implementing:

Properties whose name conflicts with Foundation types after removing their NS prefix will lead to module-qualified type names. For example, if there is a var URL: NSURL, it will be rewritten as var URL: Foundation.URL

Answer Source

Swift 3 has URL (a struct) and NSURL (a class, which it inherits from ObjC). The situation is like String and NSString. You have 2 options to approach this:

1: If you know the URL at the time of declaration:

let url = URL(string: "")

2: If you can only find out about the URL later:

var url: URL!

// You can check if the variable is initialized by checking it against nil:
//     if url == nil { /* not initialized */ }

// When you are ready to assign it a value:
url = URL(string: "")
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