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How to passed multiple selected list into variable?

I'm trying to passed my selected list in variable. Like this but it prints me a


function showUserOptions(a)
var b = console.log(a[a.selectedIndex].value);
alert (b);

I can get the value using
but I want the user click the selected list the value inside in variable will changed.


<div class = "form-group">
<label for = "to" class = "control-label">To:</label>
<select onChange = "showUserOptions(this)" name = "to" class = "form-control" multiple>

@foreach ($result as $list)
<option value = "{{ $list->id }}">{{ $list->username }}</option>



public function getDocuments()
$result = DB::table('users')->where('id', '!=', Auth::id())->get();

return view ('document.create')->with('result', $result);

Answer Source

provide a id to your drop down, and its name will be an array so that it can hold multiple values like:

    <select name="myDropDown[]" id="myDropDown" class= "form-control" multiple>

        @foreach ($result as $list)
            <option value = "{{ $list->id }}">{{ $list->username }}</option>


        var selectedVal = $(this).val();    
     // it will return the selected values in an array

Try this, it work.

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