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Javascript Question

Reduce array of callback functions to one callback

I'm wondering how can I create a function which calls all functions from array without explicitly creating one. Im talking about plain javascript (or maybe some underscore.js/lodash helpers, but I haven't found anything useful).

Let's say we have a method which takes a callback:

function doSmth(cb) {
console.log('doing smth');

Now we have three functions which we'd like to call, but we don't like to explicitly create a wrapper function.

function write1() {

function write2() {

function write3() {

Can we somehow reduce an array of
[write1, write2, write3]
to single function? I've tried binding
but I didn't get anywhere.

Edit: I forgot to mention that we don't want to modify

Answer Source

You can use forEach with a little helper function.

let invoke = (fn, ...args) => fn(...args);

// or for an array of the results
let results =;

// es5 translation of invoke
var invoke = function() {
  var fn = arguments[0];
  var args = [], 1, arguments.length);
  return fn.apply(null, args);

let doIt = arr.forEach.bind(arr, invoke)
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