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Custom check-list Avada Wordpress

I am using the Avada Wordpress theme.

I want to create a check-list that will display that kind of result

enter image description here

There is a text line among it (and I know how to make it appear).

Do you know how to custom the check-list module or an other module or use custom CSS to have this "line-bullet-point"?


Answer Source


          <span class='line'></span>
          <span class='circle'></span>
          <span class='circle'></span>


        ul {
            list-style : none;
            display : flex;
            flex-flow: row;
            min-height : 100px;
            position : relative;

                margin-right : 100px;
                text-align: center;
                width : 1em;
                height : 1em;
                border:1px solid red;
                border-radius : 50%;
                z-index : 100;

            span.line {
                position : absolute;
                height : 100%;
                border : solid red 0.1em;
                top : 1em;
                left : 0.5em;
            li:last-child span.line{
                display : none;   


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