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SQL Question

How to fetch all rows from table if like operator value match using mysql?

I'm trying to fetch all record if like operator value match and is true.

I have table ticket.

: id : ticket : user_id :
: 1 : 2546 : 2 :
: 2 : 8475 : 2 :

I'm trying this query

SELECT * FROM `ticket` WHERE `ticket` LIKE '%2546%'

Above query is returning single result and is working fine. But I need both rows if like operator value match and table has more record of that row user_id. I tried group by

SELECT * FROM `ticket` WHERE `ticket` LIKE '%2546%'
GROUP BY `user_id `

I know it can be done if use
user_id = 2
instead of
Group By
operator but I need to filter by
column. So is this possible to achieve this kind of task in single query?

Answer Source

Use a nested query:

FROM ticket t1
WHERE user_id IN (
    FROM ticket t2
    WHERE ticket LIKE '%2456%'
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