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Node.js Question

How do I do atomic update using Bookshelf.js model?

For example, if I wanted to do something like the following in MySQL query:

update foo set bar = bar + ?;

How would I achieve this using Bookshelf.js model?

Answer Source

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by atomic, perhaps transactions? You can do that in bookshelf, there's a whole section about it:

However, if you're just trying to update a field, you can do that easily as follows:

var idStationIWantToUpdate = 1;
new Station({'id': idStationIWantToUpdate}).save({
    route_name: 'my updated route name'
}).then(function(station) {

The important part is that you instantiate a model with the corresponding ID, then when you call save, it automatically updates the existing record.

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