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Warning when dynamically allocating memory

I'm using dynamic allocation for the first time and the compiler gives me this warning which I couldn't find anywhere else:

warning: non-static data member initializers only available with
-std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11

Is there a way to make it desappear? Should I care?

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The problem:

It has nothing to do with dynamic allocation.

You are probably using one of this methods for data member initialization which are part of C++11:

class S
    int n;                // non-static data member
    int& r;               // non-static data member of reference type
    int a[10] = {1, 2};   // non-static data member with initializer (C++11)
    std::string s, *ps;   // two non-static data members
    struct NestedS {
        std::string s;
    } d5, *d6;            // two non-static data members of nested type
    char bit : 2;         // two-bit bitfield


The compiler tells you that you are using a feature (non-static data member initializers) that is only exist in C++11 (and above).

Solving the problem:

  • You may simply compile your code with -std=c++11 flag.
  • Alternatively, you may avoid using this feature if you want to stick with older standard (e.g. C++98) for some reason (like you are targeting some system where no C++ 11 compiler is avaible).

Should I care?

Absolutely, yes. No giving attention to warnings may leads to many problems like overflows and undefined behaviours.

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