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Python: How to create a loop that depending on values of a list sends sections of a separate file, to one of two output files?

I have a list with two values, either yes or no. And a sequence which is a list of strings, depending on whether the list says yes or no, I want to send 8 consecutive lines of the sequence file into one of two text files (yes.txt and no.txt) depending on what the list said, and loop this for every item in the list.

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assuming that sequence is a list of lines from a sequence document you could try the following

for i in range(0, len(YesOrNo)):
    start = i + (7*i)
    end = 8 * (i+1)
    if YesOrNo[i] == 'yes':
    elif YesOrNo[i] == 'no': 

I am using writelines because I am assuming that sequence is list of stings, you could also use write and just replace sequence with "\n".join(sequence[start:end]

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