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“href” value in HTML to open video in youtube app or market (Google Play) on Android

I'm making a Web Page that shows 360 videos, but i recently noticed that 360 functionality in the android browser is not supported, and because of this the video wont shows correctly, so after searching a lot i found that the best option is to try to open the video in the YouTube app making use of an "Android Intent" explained in this developer tutorial:

So i need to construct the href address for a YouTube video, but unfortunately i don't know android programming and also can't find the YouTube App xml manifest to fill the options, can anyone help me?

HOST/URI-path <-- I think here needs to be the video URL?
#Intent;; <-- Is this the correct package? or should i use
action=createPlayVideoIntentWithOptions(context, UUweNrpFTwA, true, true); <-- Dont know what to put in context field
category=[string]; <-- Is category needed? if so what category should i place here?
component=[string]; <-- Is component needed?
scheme=youtube; <-- Is this the correct scheme?

Any help or tutorial will be greatly appreciated... Thanks!!

Answer Source

1) Intent solution :

<a href="
">youtube or market</a>


Maybe you need to remove spaces in href attribut:

<a href="intent://8xn9iq3lG_w/#Intent;;;S.browser_fallback_url=market://details?;end;">youtube or market</a>


2) Link solution :

You get more information in Settings > Apps > Youtube > Open by default > Supported links:


See: and try, here:

<a target="_blank" href="">link:</a> or
<a target="_blank" href="">link:</a>