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angular2 scroll to bottom (chat style)

I have a set of single cell components within an ng-for loop.
I have everything in place but I cannot seem to figure out the proper

Currently I have a

setTimeout(() => {

But this doesn't work all the time as images asynchronously push the viewport down.

Whats the appropriate way to scroll to the bottom of a chat window in angular2?

Answer Source

I had the same problem, I'm using a AfterViewChecked and @ViewChild combination (Angular2 beta.3).

The Component:

import {..., AfterViewChecked, ElementRef, ViewChild, OnInit} from 'angular2/core'
export class ChannelComponent implements OnInit, AfterViewChecked {
    @ViewChild('scrollMe') private myScrollContainer: ElementRef;

    ngOnInit() { 

    ngAfterViewChecked() {        

    scrollToBottom(): void {
        try {
            this.myScrollContainer.nativeElement.scrollTop = this.myScrollContainer.nativeElement.scrollHeight;
        } catch(err) { }                 

The Template:

<div #scrollMe style="overflow: scroll; height: xyz;">
    <div class="..." 

Of course this is pretty basic. The AfterViewChecked triggers every time the view was checked:

Implement this interface to get notified after every check of your component's view.

If you have an input-field for sending messages for instance this event is fired after each keyup (just to give an example). But if you save whether the user scrolled manually and then skip the scrollToBottom() you should be fine.

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