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Msysgit bash is horrendously slow in Windows 7

I love git and use it on OS X pretty much constantly at home. At work, we use svn on Windows, but want to migrate to git as soon as the tools have fully matured (not just TortoiseGit, but also something akin the really nice Visual Studio integration provided by VisualSVN). But I digress...

I recently installed msysgit on my Windows 7 machine, and when using the included version of bash, it is horrendously slow. And not just the git operations;

takes about five seconds. AAAAH!

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

Edit: It appears that msysgit is not playing nicely with UAC and might just be a tiny design oversight resulting from developing on XP or running Vista or 7 with UAC disabled; starting Git Bash using
Run as administrator
results in the lightning speed I see with OS X (or on 7 after starting Git Bash w/o a network connection - see @Gauthier answer).

Edit 2: AH HA! See my answer.

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The solution for slowness on Vista or 7 appears to be running Git Bash using Run as administrator (or disabling UAC for the Git Bash shortcut...or disabling UAC entirely). The difference is night and day and using git on 7 is awesome again.

This appears to be related to a known issue and, as I speculated, XP as a development environment for msysgit is partially responsible.

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