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PHP preg_replace on correct one

So, I am using this to replace BBCode to HTML:

$text = htmlspecialchars($text);

$advanced_bbcode = array(

$advanced_html = array(
'<blockquote class="quote">$2</blockquote>',
'<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="$1">$1</a>');

$text = preg_replace($advanced_bbcode, $advanced_html,$text);
echo nl2br($text);

public static function nl2br($var)
return str_replace(array('\\r\\n','\r\\n','r\\n','\r\n', '\n', '\r'), '<br />', nl2br($var));

This works fine if I only have 1 quote, but If I use multiple quotes like:

I expect to get:

<blockquote class="quote"><blockquote class="quote"><blockquote class="quote">first</blockquote>second</blockquote>end</blockquote>

But because it takes the first [/qoute] it will turn into:

<blockquote class="quote">[quote][quote]first</blockquote>second[/quote]end[/quote]

I've looked it up but I cant find anything that is working for me. I am new to this kind of stuff.


Answer Source

Make replace until there is BBCode in the string

do { 
   $text = preg_replace($advanced_bbcode, $advanced_html,$text,-1,$c);
} while($c);


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