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Compare 2 arrays and list the differences - Swift

I was wondering how one would go about comparing 2 boolean arrays and listing the non matching booleans.

I have written up a simple example of 2 arrays.

let array1 = [true, false, true, false]
let array2 = [true, true, true, true]

How would I compare array1 & array2 and display the non matching. I am trying to do this to check user results for a quiz game.


Answer Source

Here's one implementation, but whether it is the one you are after is completely impossible to say, because you have not specified what you think the answer should be:

let answer = map(zip(array1,array2)){$0.0 == $0.1}

That gives you a list of Bool values, true if the answer matches the right answer, false if it does not.

But let's say what you wanted was a list of the indexes of those answers that are correct. Then you could say:

let answer = zip(array1, array2).enumerate().filter() {
    $1.0 == $1.1

If you want a list of the indexes of those answers that are not correct, just change == to !=.

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