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Mockito : how to verify method was called on an object created within a method?

I am new to Mockito.

Given the class below, how can I use Mockito to verify that

was invoked exactly once after
was invoked?

public class Foo
public void foo(){
Bar bar = new Bar();

I would like to make the following verification call,

verify(bar, times(1)).someMethod();

is a mocked instance of

Answer Source

Dependency Injection

If you inject the Bar instance, or a factory that is used for creating the Bar instance (or one of the other 483 ways of doing this), you'd have the access necessary to do perform the test.

Factory Example:

Given a Foo class written like this:

public class Foo {
  private BarFactory barFactory;

  public Foo(BarFactory factory) {
    this.barFactory = factory;

  public void foo() {
    Bar bar = this.barFactory.createBar();

in your test method you can inject a BarFactory like this:

public void testDoFoo() {
  Bar bar = mock(Bar.class);
  BarFactory myFactory = new BarFactory() {
    public Bar createBar() { return bar;}

  Foo foo = new Foo(myFactory);;

  verify(bar, times(1)).someMethod();

Bonus: This is an example of how TDD can drive the design of your code.

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