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How to generate map files for CSS in a sails app?

Hi have a sails project with bootstrap included in bower.json:

"dependencies": {
"bootstrap": "~3.2.0"

All the css, fonts and js are copied correctly but the map file is not copied to the
directory nor the

I can't figure out what process copies the filed from
where the
file does exists.

There must be something from
but I am a bit puzzled on how bower know which files to copy. Especially since the default
layout: 'byType'
does not match the
at all so there must be something else I am missing.


Answer Source

I fixed the issue by adding the following to bower.json:

"exportsOverride": {
  "bootstrap": {
      "css": ["dist/css/bootstrap.css",
      "js": "dist/js/bootstrap.js",
      "fonts": "dist/fonts"

This is also a fix to copy fonts. See

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