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Perl Question

How can I export all subs in a Perl package?

I would like to expose all subs into my namespace without having to list them one at a time:

@EXPORT = qw( firstsub secondsub third sub etc );

Using fully qualified names would require bunch of change to existing code so I'd rather not do that.

Is there @EXPORT_ALL?

I think documentation says it's a bad idea, but I'd like to do it anyway, or at least know how.

To answer Jon's why: right now for quick refactoring I want to move of bunch of subs into their own package with least hassle and code changes to the existing scripts (where those subs are currenty used and often repeated).

Also, mostly, I was just curious.
(since it seemed like that Exporter might as well have that as standard feature, but somewhat surprisingly based on answers so far it doesn't)

Answer Source

Don't do any exporting at all, and don't declare a package name in your library. Just load the file with require and everything will be in the current package. Easy peasy.

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