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Creating custom minimap-titles grammar for .tex fiels

I've recently started using Atom for my LaTeX needs, and so far it's doing really well. I'm using a package called

to display the whole code as a scrollbar which is very helpful, but I can't get the
package to work properly. The comments I'm getting are generated with the
markers as opposed to with the LaTeX comment characters

How would I go about adding a *.tex file extension to the list of files recognized by
, and subsequently specify the delimiter grammar for it?

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I've figured it out. I've added the following code to the switch extension clause in the in lib.

when 'tex', 'cls'
  commentStart = ''
  commentEnd = ''
  # add '% ' to the beginning of each line
  art = art.replace /^/, "% "
  art = art.replace /\n/g, "\n% "

You can edit the code by going to Settings > Packages > Minimap Titles > View Code.

In the hindsight it's pretty trivial actually.

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