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Running only one Perl script instance by cron

I need to run Perl script by cron periodically (~every 3-5 minutes). I want to ensure that only one Perl script instance will be running in a time, so next cycle won't start until the previous one is finished. Could/Should that be achieved by some built-in functionality of cron, Perl or I need to handle it at script level?

I am quite new to Perl and cron, so help and general recommendations are appreciated.

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I have always had good luck using File::NFSLock to get an exclusive lock on the script itself.

use Fcntl qw(LOCK_EX LOCK_NB);
use File::NFSLock;

# Try to get an exclusive lock on myself.
my $lock = File::NFSLock->new($0, LOCK_EX|LOCK_NB);
die "$0 is already running!\n" unless $lock;

This is sort of the same as the other lock file suggestions, except I don't have to do anything except attempt to get the lock.

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