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Android Question

Getting error on every newly created project

Whenever I create a new project in Eclipse for some Android application it gives me a red cross sign and on compiling shows following errors:

error generating final archive: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\..\bin\resources.ap_ does not exist

Unparsed aapt error(s)! Check the console for output.

On Googling I found that by cleaning the project we can remove this error but it is not working in my case.

Earlier I was able to create Project in Eclipse. All this problem started after installing some Google APIs but I guess they are not cause of problem, something else is there.

Answer Source

Could it be an issue with a command path? SDK doesnt like being installed in dirs with long names like "Program Files\Google\Android..."

If thats the case, youll need to adjust path appropriately (C:\Progra~2... or smth like this)

( check http://ideanotion.net/android-sdk-invalid-command-line-parameter-files-error/ or Google )

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